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The First Pumpkin – A family tradition

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

My family loves pumpkins, autumn leaves, and all things fall! But when does the fall season officially start? After Labor Day? October first? Our family has it all figured it out with this fun family activity!

Every year we kick off our season with our family tradition of The First Pumpkin . It’s pretty much as it sounds – when we find the first pumpkin of the season, we buy it and take it home. It’s a contest to see who will spot it first! Once it arrives to our front porch, the season has begun!

One of my favorite places to get the first pumpkin is at Schuett Farms, a wonderful family owned produce farm. They also have a corn maze, farm animals and a huge variety of fresh vegetables and fruits for you to enjoy! On our last visit we picked up fresh corn, both green and red tomatoes, and of course, our first pumpkin! It’s a delightful place to visit and spend the day with your family.

I can remember a time we found the first pumpkin in August, which was very early! And then there is the time that the first pumpkins were 16 beauties that grew out of our compost bin! One of my favorite pictures of my youngest daughter, Elizabeth, is her sitting on our front porch holding one of the mini orange compost wonders!

This is an easy and fun tradition to mark the start of the fall season! What are your fall traditions? I would love to hear about them!

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