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Should I Wait Until Spring to Sell My Home?

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

The weather may be cold, but Real Estate Buyers are not! Thinking of waiting til spring to sell your home? You could miss out on a really "cool" home market! Here are some things to consider when it comes to off season sales!

  • Buyers still buy in the winter! Many corporate transfers begin January 1st so families relocating into the area need homes. They can't wait until spring so their shopping window is now! Additionally, there are many buyers out there who did not find their "perfect home" during they warm season. They are still looking!

  • Many Spring buyers take their time window shopping. Winter brings more serious, committed buyers! Who is going to go out in 4 degrees to window shop, right? Quality over quantity!

  • While you will need to shovel snow (better - pay someone!) you won't have to cut the grass twice a week for showings! This is a bonus, right?

  • Less Inventory on the market, means more attention for you and your home! You may have less showings, but you could get an offer sooner than a spring listing!

  • A client recently said to me "I have a great Christmas Home" which is the key! Tastefully decorated holiday homes will evoke emotions and motivate potential buyers. Don’t go crazy with holiday décor! A modest amount will go a long way.

  • You may get a higher price! Several studies suggest that homes often sell higher in the colder months than in the warmer months.

Don't forget that curb appeal still counts in the winter! If you have Wisconsin winter curb appeal ideas, I'd love to hear them! Send them to me and I will include them in an upcoming blog!

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